It’s swings and roundabouts really…

I may have spent the last four days working from my sister’s house, amidst the chaos of two children, but I haven’t totally lost my mind. Rest assured, this is not a blog discussing the ins and outs of outdoor play equipment. Sitting on my train back to Reading, I am lost without my usual weekly burst of random words. Although it can be difficult to create a succinct blog about four random, nonsensical words, it means you discuss something you wouldn’t usually consider. Sadly, this week I will return (briefly) to an inane retelling of my week, carelessly shaped into a theme.

This week has been pretty unremarkable on the whole, but it has still had its ups and downs. The weekend was fantastic. My partner in crime and general evil sidekick, Jo, came down for a brief visit and we spent Saturday catching up with a dear, lovely friend from uni. Essentially, we crashed from Nandos to Wetherspoons to random streets in Reading. As is so often the case when Jo and I are together, the video camera came out and we behaved like talentless performing monkeys in the middle of the city centre. I don’t know what it is about us that makes us want to record our prattish behaviour for eternity. (And this is coming from someone who gatecrashed a living statue’s gig and ended up standing there wearing his hat and umbrella for several minutes.) Talking of silly behaviour, we planned to celebrate Chinese New Year (not Valentines Day, puh-lease) at the Comedy Store. Unfortunately, both by fault of the Players popularity and my forgetfulness on the ticket buying front, it looked as though we were going to have to arrive a couple of hours early and queue in the hope of getting tickets on the door. However, due to Jo’s wiley ways and irreverent charms and a random act of kindness from a stranger, our plans changed out of all proportions. Following a conversation with one of the Players on Twitter, he very kindly left us tickets on the door and unbeknown to us, he reserved seats for us and came to make sure we were ok in the interval. When we arrived and discovered that we were to be ushered to our seats, I have never seen Emma, Jo and myself completely overwhelmed and speechless for quite so long. I couldn’t believe that someone could do such a nice thing on a total whim for a random stranger; we were so touched by it that all we could utter for most of the evening was “Lovely Neil” and “No, seriously, how lovely is Neil?” Needless to say, we had an absolutely brilliant evening, which was enhanced by Neil’s generosity. Having said that, I will always remember Jo posting a picture of my toilet on twitter and Neil questioning me about it. I suspect I will always be the weirdo with my toilet on twitter.

I enjoy most forms of comedy and go and see stand up once a month, if I can manage it, but one thing that really gets on my wick is Mock the Week. I think it’s basically because it’s so competitive and reminiscent of animals tussling in a bear pit. A trip to see the Comedy Store Players is entirely different, it’s an incredibly giving and generous form of comedy; it simply doesn’t work if people are selfish and try to hog the limelight. As an audience member, you are really involved in the whole thing and generally (with the exception of some Wednesdays!) it’s a really giving atmosphere. I’m a big fan of giving and niceness. Having said that, the Players aren’t all niceness, sugar and spice; some of the things that come out of their mouths would be enough to shock even the most hardened of person.

I like to be open and always offer my things out for all and sundry. I guess, I think that people’s reward will be in Devon/heaven (delete according to your religious persuasions). At a party not to long ago, someone said I was money grabbing and I found that pretty offensive. I don’t like it if I think someone is taking the piss or looking for a free ride, but I love giving people things, it’s a great thrill seeing someone happy through something you’ve done. This week I’ve been working from Shelley’s house and spent my early mornings and evenings playing with the kids. I know how hard it is to juggle the kids (although, I bet Mark Heap would manage), so I’m more than happy to help. I’d hate to be sat downstairs enjoying myself whilst everyone else was running around like an idiot to get things done. To me, it makes total sense. So now, I’m homeward bound, happy and very knackered. I have run round like a headless chicken all week and today everything seems to have gone against me. I’m incredibly skint (why does everyone take out big wedges of money at the same time?), my expenses haven’t been paid and then I attempted to get my train. We got in the car to go to the train station, got caught in a snowstorm and subsequently missed my train. I then had to buy a new ticket and wait an hour and a quarter for the next train. Then, to top it all off, as I got on the train, I realised that I’d left my phone in Tiverton service station. So, my week? It’s been swings and roundabouts really.


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