Sugar and vice and all things nice

This week’s theme on Tumblr-52 is Vice.

I haven’t had that many opportunities for sugar, vice spice and all things nice this week. I have been so busy at work that it only just occured to me that it’s Friday and I haven’t been near my blog all week. It would be very sad to fail at Project 52 quite so early on. I have been ultra busy trying to organise the trip to Marrakech, for practically everybody at work, bar me and a few unfortunate others.  The last few days have passed in a blur of stress, swearing, cold sweat, speaking incredibly quickly and chewing Rennie tablets. By the way, I’m not really confused – I do appreciate that Rennie won’t help the stress, I’ve just been trying to pacify a sickness bug. It doesn’t do to be ill in the days immediately preceeding a meeting that you’ve been preparing for for months!

So, I’m really looking forward to letting my hair down this weekend. I’m off to Swindon (and not Sweden, as I wrote in an email this week) for a friend’s housewarming party. (She’s married and everything! I’m very proud of her immense grown-upness.) Then, I’m off to Devon to spend a few days with Shell and the kids. Back home Wednesday to see Jimmy Carr in Reading. Then on Thursday, I’ve got a job interview and then we’re off to the Natural History Museum for Rhys. And then Friday is a bit more relaxed – we’re going shopping. And that’s my weeks holiday. I think I’ll need to have a lie-down afterwards to try and recover! So the upcoming week should involve a little more vice than I’ve had of late; I’m bound to eat and drink too much for a start. But what constitutes a vice? Is it anything that we enjoy? It seems that various government departments would have us believe that most things we enjoy are vices. I measured an estimate of weekly alcohol intake and apparently I drink heavily. I will probably have 3 pints of cider in a week. And if I go out, I’ll have a couple that night. That is not binge drinking. You should see Wycombe at 3am on a Saturday morning. Then you’ll see binge drinking. I like chocolate and the way I see it, is that I don’t use drugs and I don’t drink heavily, so if I want a bar of chocolate, then damn it, I can have one. I always take the moral high road.

If we enjoy something, we are made to feel guilty about it. I don’t just mean drinking or having a fatty diet, but everywhere. At work, I’ve been creating a cartoon, which I’ve really enjoyed because I love the chance to be creative and do slightly offbeat things. But everyone has passed comment that I’m not working very hard when I’ve got my face 2 inches from the computer screen staring intensely at Photoshop, trying to get the camel to look a bit more camel-like. It was hard work, but because it was something a bit fun, noone could face the idea that I was still pulling my weight.

I try not to worry myself too much about what other people think as this is surely the basic framework for vice. If we thought what we were doing was truely sinful and bad, we would be so disgusted with ourselves that we wouldn’t do it. Yet we do. We constantly worry about what other people think. If we are less concerned with what other people think, we stay truer to ourselves and become more consistent as a person. However, even though I’m saying that, I still worrying about other people’s opinions. This blog seems to have got stuck permanently in italic and I don’t want to publish it like that because it looks silly. (Although maybe that’s just me being a pedant.) I watched some guys at work today looking through job application forms and instantly googling them to see if they were on facebook. That terrifies me.  I don’t think I’ve got anything online that compromises me, if you can see my facebook, I’m generally a fairly straightforward person.  Likewise I use twitter regularly, but I try and use it to be drole and witty.  This fails about 90% of the time, but at least I try.  I just hope that other people are willing to be accepting of me and not accept what they presume I am.  Take a little time and get to know someone, it’s a hundred times more accurate than judging someone on their facebook page.  This makes the matter of vice even scarier; if I don’t consider what I enjoy to be wrong, then how do I know which parts of me people will object to?! Perhaps I’ve given this too much thought.

Anyway, must dash. I’m off to the pub for dinner and drinks. I’m not being sinful. I’m just trying to rebalance myself after a week of working 12 hours a day. It all balances out in the end. As long as we only play once we’ve finished working, we’re going to be fine. It’s just when we forget to do the proper stuff first that we fall down.


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