Deep and crisp and even

I hope that my blog title has succeeded in making you hum along to that slightly inane tune. That was the plan. If I have to be held hostage in my house because of the snow, I may as well try to inflict some pain on everyone else.

Since the snow has prevented me from going to work, I decided that today would be the day that I would take the first, brave step into the blogosphere. Although, as is always the case, because I planned to write today, I am not feeling terribly inspired. I’ll be very honest, this is where I suspected that my regular blogging would fall down. No, I don’t mean on January 6th when I had to take a snow day. What I mean is that when I feel inspired and want to write, I often don’t take full advantage of it, and then when I’m bored and twiddling my thumbs, I’m lacking in the all essential inspiration. All I can do then is procrastinate and avoid the issue. So, this is my first, slightly jarring step into writing through the wall. Obviously, when I think of what it actually is that I want to write about, or I have a little nugget of inspiration fall into my lap, I need to make a mental note of it. (Or get my ever-increasing backside into gear!)

An old school friend recommended that I joined Project 52 to make sure that I keep to my word and blog regularly. I’m not quite sure what it is that they will do if I miss a deadline, but I plan to wait until at least March to find out! No, I’m not already prophesying (or planning) my downfall and failure, I’m going on a weeks holiday in March. Project 52 sounds like a great idea; a community who all want that little something to make sure they do what they planned. Fifty two blogs a year; four blogs a month; one blog a week. Easy. Even I can manage that, can’t I? As an extra buffer, I have found a group who give their users themes each week to blog on. This weeks theme is momentum.

When I first saw that I was to write about momentum, I had a few ideas about starting 2010 and how I can see myself in a years time. Obviously in January 2011, I’d be a cycling fanatic having completed the London to Brighton no problems, I’d still have a job that I enjoyed and my life would be absolutely fantastic in every way. Of course, this isn’t a terribly exciting topic, but it would be quite fitting for Week One as part of Project 52. As it is, my bike remains in the garage untouched and I’m stuck unable to get into the office. So the pressure is really on the blogging to prove to my doubters that I am well-meaning and I do plan to get fit and get cycling etc.  Along with buggering up those slightly mundane plans, the snow has also stopped me from having a nice trip to the Comedy Store this evening. I know that in the scheme of things, this doesn’t sound too tragic until I tell you that I had already paid for the tickets and not got the money off any of the three people going with me. Bugger is something that I considered saying.

So as you can see, momentum seems a little ironic given the snow this week. Fresh on the ground, it looks beautiful, but it stops everything from working, and as soon as anyone tries to carry on as normal, it looks tainted, dirty and spoiled. I love the snow, but only in the right environment. In other words, a long way from home. I’d like to think that I managed to keep moving despite the snow. Afterall, I managed to complete my week one blog, despite a massage haemorrhage of ideas and inspiration. Now that my blog is out of the way, I can sit down and think of how I could have enjoyed the evening. All together now “when the snow lay round about…”


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Andy Pearson
    Jan 06, 2010 @ 18:09:14

    I have no idea what song you are on about…

    You need to find a “trusted system” where you can dump your sparks of inspiration and ideas for when you have time to put finger to key, so to speak.

    My iPhone is doing that for me at the moment, with the added bonus that is syncs to my Mac, meaning I can keep track of all the notes I have made.

    The challange of Project52 really is consistency, I can write a blog post when it suits me, it’s writing on a regular schedule that’s the problem!

    For your holiday in March, just write 2 posts the week before and schedule one to be published when you are away (WordPress can help you with such magic).

    The recent cancellation of the only bus route I can use to get to work has got me thinking about cycling, but I’m not sure I can risk the cash on a posh bike I will never ride…

    Also, I would be totally up for the comedy store, but probably not tonight, that blasted white stuff is such a fun killer.

    Good luck for 2010!


    • sillybry
      Jan 06, 2010 @ 18:32:19

      Good King Wenceslas(laslaslas). It’s a silly Xmas song. But the snow did make me think about it!
      I write myself text messages or make a note in my notepad, which I always leave at work. I think you’re right. Organisation is the key. I’m impressed that your iPhone and your Mac synch up. I’m still trying very hard to shun Apple. There are plenty of very good alternatives… honest. I don’t think I’m going to win you over on that one!
      Oh, I am slightly excited that you schedule blogs to be posted. That is magic to me! As you say, it’s a matter of having to write regularly, although I guess I could cheat and write some to keep in storage for the next week.
      I’m not buying a posh bike, I’m stealing my dads! He never uses it, so I’m going to. It’s a nice idea cycling, until you think about getting to work wet, mud splashed and with a hint of sweat about you.
      The Comedy Store is great fun. Highly recommended! It’s always a good night out there. You should definitely go there.
      Good luck for your P-52 full 2010 too!!


  2. Julianne
    Jan 07, 2010 @ 17:51:20

    Great post! I have signed up for Project52 too and wonder what I am in for! But reading the posts of you and other participants has made me inspired. So thanks.


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